For my Erasmus+ in Torino, I was set by Euroform at Via Galliari 14 for two months last year.

Regarding this short stay, the first thing that stroke me was the social use of the courtyard.

Comparing with other edifications in Torino that I had the chance walk in, this “mixing valve” had a multifunctional character as opposed to a merely  transition area. In itself, this space recedes part of the city problems regarding traffic by allowing dwellers to use it as a safe bicycle parking lot. I was truly pleased as a cyclist and now miss it back home. As if the city had enter the patio, we can find resting benches under small shrubs next to vases containing aromatic plants.  This environment invites one to slow down the pace and be detained by what the season has to show. I think the administration of the premises generated this stimulus. I had the chance to notice a neighborhood gathering that reminded me of 1960’s Italian cinema. Life in a busy city has to be nurtured so people bind to form a solid and healthy society. In my view, Via Galliari 14 fills this purpose.